Jade Klemos - Stop trying to decide what's right

We spend a lot of time trying to decide what the ‘right’ choices might be. We make ‘safe’ choices out of fear thinking we will avoid ‘bad’ outcomes. Choices made with fear may bring ‘good’’outcomes, but that doesn’t mean they were the right choices. Choices made with fear may just as easily bring you ‘bad’ outcomes, does that make them the wrong ones? No. What matters are the experiences your choice brings you and the person you become through those experiences. Every choice you make, regardless of the apparent outcome, is the right choice if it makes you a better version of yourself. It doesn’t even matter if you made it from fear or trust.

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It can be a challenging subject. I was talking to a friend who had some bad things happen after her awakening - and it led her off her path. She realized that she had assumed only good things would happen if she operated from a high space.

It was cool to see her realize that some people can't or won't match that vibration - and those people will react negatively. That it didn't mean she was doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, it was after many years of avoiding the higher spaces she could operate in.

I suffered so very much when I had that belief...that doing the work - doing all the 'right things' - would lead exactly where I wanted to land and bring me all the things.

I 'credit' capitalistic society with this. Every facet of marketing has the formula 'look at me, I have what you want, if you buy it you'll get what you need'. There is also organized religions which definitely have the premise of doing right and you will go to heaven. Which people don't reserve for the after life for sure. Even in metaphysical circles I see people selling 'manifestation classes or coaching' based on the same premise - If you buy this (course or time with me) you can get what I have gotten.

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