What are you practicing?

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The real situation is that we talk about the forgiveness process, but there is little practice of it.

A spiritual practice is becoming skillful in doing those actions that bring peace of mind. Many people know what the actions are: relaxation, deliberate thinking, multi-viewpoint perspective, contentment, cheerful temperament, good will, giving, etc., but only a few have practiced these actions and turned them into skills.

Admitting errors, taking responsibility for mistakes, and resolving to do better next time are part of any practice. Ultimately, your life is shaped by what you practice—not by what you know. If you are NOT becoming calmer, wiser, more responsible, more source, and happier, you need to examine what you are practicing.


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from The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons


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A little bit of practice


Expected Results: Insights, self-control



Choose an automatic gesture you make and repeat it deliberately until it comes off automatic.


Time: 5+ minutes


from Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life



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