You may be familiar with the subtler aspects of consciousness. Changing how you see something (changing your mind) also changes how you feel.

Life really changes when we start to navigate by how something feels, rather than it's logic or what other's might think.

The joy of so many of Harry Palmer's exercises is that they invite us to explore - and discover the grace of new experiences. There can be a lot of comfort in what we're familiar with - but not much of the thrill of life.

The compassion exercise (linked below) is a great example. Try it on someone you have a challenge with, and the results can be teary eyes, a warm connection from the heart or even an inspired change of conversation.

This is the gift of spiritual growth - it's not knowing how to behave, but increasing the skills of navigating your authentic self. Who do you aspire to be?

Please try the compassion exercise - and notice if you move in a direction you prefer. And if you'd like to continue moving towards what you aspire to, reach out and we can explore creating magic.


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When you've slipped

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

Where is that waitress?

It is easy when you are tired and stressed to slip into a victim viewpoint. Sometimes it seems that the service, or other people's outright neglect of you, is so unfair that your only option is to scream "Do you have any idea who I am?"

This is not a good idea.

The eventual result of a display of self-importance is humiliation. A much better approach is to rapidly discreate (dissolve) your resentment and to observe the other person.

What is their attention on?
What's troubling them?
What's going on behind the scenes?
Is there something you can do to be helpful without being intrusive?

Is your patience helpful?

Is your patience helpful?

Compassion and consideration, even when they do not seem to have an effect on the other, release healing and calming forces in your own body.

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from the Avatar Master's Handbook

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Take a moment to create compassion

The Avatar Compassion Exercise

Experience the Compassion exercise guided by Harry Palmer. The expected result is a personal sense of peace.

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"What a good world it can be." -Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer and the ripple effect of friendship


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Inner Peace


“I was able to return to my true self through the Avatar course. I had been absent, following things outside of myself all my life. I was able to regain a confidence that will never disappear, by realizing through my own inner exploration that there is a universe within me. I have rediscovered the self that can give to others and the planet through the Avatar tools I have acquired here.”

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