The ARK crystal is a unique creation crafted from high-purity and optical-grade quartz. This exceptional product results from meticulous, laboratory-controlled conditions, ensuring precise molecular structural and energetic properties.


Creating the ARK crystalS takes about 2-3 years, demonstrating the dedication and patience required to make something unique. However, the result is worth the wait. The ARK crystal is a powerful tool to help align our energy fields and promote healing. 


Quartz, a mineral with remarkable properties, including piezoelectricity, has found its way into a wide range of practical applications. From electronic devices like watches and sensors to scientific instruments like spectroscopy equipment and crystal oscillators, quartz's unique characteristics have proven invaluable.


The ARK crystal's vibrational frequency is so exact that it is used to run atomic clocks. Its finely responsive electromechanical axis generates extremely precise harmonic oscillations when electrical current is applied and vice versa via the piezoelectric effect. The electromagnetic resonance field of the HFR (Harmonic Flux Resonator) generates electrical currents of exact frequencies in the electromechanical axis of the ARK Crystal. This yields a perpetual high-coherence electromagnetic field that helps align our energy fields and promote healing. They work wonders with energy healers, reiki practitioners, and bodyworkers as they boost the session for their clients.


In summary, the ARK crystal is a remarkable creation that offers a unique opportunity to connect with the universe's energy and promote healing in our bodies and minds. Its distinct properties and precise vibratory frequency make it a powerful tool for aligning our energy fields and promoting positive energy flow throughout our bodies. Embrace the power of the ARK crystal and unlock your full potential.


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