Motherhood is one of the most powerful positions on this planet. It takes a woman to tap into that power to become a mother and give birth. Then, the transformation that takes place in the woman afterward is unimaginable for us guys to the point of irritation. I would have been one of those "irritated dads" had I not had a most interesting experience when I was a new dad. When my oldest, Krista was just under 3 years old and my second, Jenna EL was 9 months old, I became a full-time, stay-at-home dad. 

The first 2-3 months I was very conscientious and felt like I was becoming a very good care-taker for our children. Then something happened to me somewhere between 3-4 months, because, four months into it, Chris and I went out on our first date since I started being a full-time dad. Before we left, I was giving the babysitter the information that babysitters are usually given - who to give what when, what to watch out for, how to brush each one's hair... As you moms know, it can go on and on. And it did for a bit as my wife, Chris, said "Let's go" many times before we finally left.

I was distracted during dinner, thinking of all the things I hadn’t told the babysitter (no cell-phones back then folks). That’s when it hit me. I was not focusing on the kids and putting my wife second intentionally. I couldn’t help it. Thinking about the welfare of the kids had become ingrained in me. Exactly when that happened, I couldn't say. But having my mind flooded with thoughts about the kids was something I couldn't help. The more I tried to put thinking about the kids out of my mind, the stronger the concern and that primary-parent thinking took over.

That moment that I realized how misunderstood mothers-of-young-children are. Guys, You're Not Being Neglected. Your wife needs you to pitch in to feel that things are more under control before she can relax. So dads, Jump in and co-parent when you get home from work. And let me tell you that working a "job" is a breeze compared to full-time parenting. Also, be Interested in what is going on in your wife - she's the mother of the children you're the father of. Finally, Women, Mothers - Stand Up For Yourselves. Know that most men would have a Very Difficult time with the Stamina part of raising kids. Challenge The Men To Become Full-Time Dads For 6-Months To A Year. Dad's, if you want a happy wife, Worship the ground she walks on and let her know you're in it together. Besides, the utter Joy of immersing yourself in the life of a child is absolutely priceless, Harrowing at times, yes, and Absolutely Priceless!

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