Here are some images from our recent International Avatar Course - the first one since before Covid. It was an amazing experience - highlighted by Harry Palmer's first in person talk in 10 years.

His words were barely a fraction of what he communicated. 

Harry Palmer speaking at the January International Avatar Course

Here are a few pictures of our group. Masters and Students become quite a family over these courses.

Our Avatar Course Family Our Avatar Course Family


There were also more kids than I had expected, of all ages. This hasn't been a part of zoom, and I didn't realize how much I'd missed it.

The Course room for the January International Avatar Course

The January International Avatar Course in Orlando


More to come next week - I hope you can feel the magic in the pictures.

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Getting to forgiveness

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

We are not implying that there aren’t real victims in the world— there are. Trees fall on people, best friends are killed by drunken drivers, bullies and psychos steal and maim, nations make wars, resource exhaustion and pollution create suffering for everyone.

You should do what you can to prevent these, but when you can’t prevent them, at least relieve victims’ suffering and work to restore a safe environment. Roll up your sleeves on the spot and provide assistance. Do whatever it takes to restore order. That is the first thing you do. Then, once you get people through the crisis, you help them get over it. This may be the hardest part. Psychological closure on the event requires acceptance, forgiveness, and reconstruction; it does not require retaliation

With forgiveness processing, as with any treatment, the first questions that you have to ask are, “Do you want to get better?” and, “Are you willing to endure the discomfort connected with getting better?” Choice is God’s gift to people. Acceptance, forgiveness, and moving on are gifts they give themselves.

Dove image

from Seven Pillars of Enlightenment, The Forgiveness Option


End Quote

See all of Harry Palmer's books


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One step on the path

The Walk For Atonement Process from ReSurfacing

Try an exercise that brings relief from hostilities. 

Free yourself from upsets and victimhood. Take one step toward forgiveness!

"Amazing results! I found multiple transparent beliefs that were governing many of the decisions of my life. I have become clearly aware of them, and I already feel their power is gone."
- Steve E., ReSurfacing® Workshop student, USA
 "The Avatar® Course gave me the strength and courage to turn my unhappy life into bright hope and the despairing problems in my life into blessings and gratitude. Thank you!"
- Soo nam S., Korea, Avatar student


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Connect with an Avatar Master

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February 4, 2024

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Harry Palmer's talk - "Life Challenges"
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