It's Time

I learned something that fascinated me at my first expo post Covid.

In talking to visitors, for 1/3 to 1/2 it was their FIRST TIME at an event like that. They were in a new world full of readers, healers, crystals and energy.

Not only that, but there was far less skepticism than expos in years past. Do you feel the same openness and curiosity growing in the world?

It became clear that there are millions of people who are open to what we do. And perhaps the best thing we can offer them is a way to explore, sample and see where their interests and intuition lead them.

Get in front of the millions

This may be a slower approach to getting customers than perhaps we'd like - but the benefit is that we provide an on-ramp for the world to connect. Do you want to connect with the 30 people who know exactly what they want and you fit? Or the millions who are curious and might need what you offer at some point?

The obvious answer is Both.

A win win

A new approach

There are several online directories for psychics and healers. Many practitioners have their own websites and social spaces. These go after the people who are already in the conversation.

But what hasn't existed is a platform for people to explore and sample online. A space to hear different voices, see different options and sample different events and offerings.

And for the vendor (you) - the goal is to allow you to decide how to present yourself to the world. Unlike other directories online, FindMagicPeople actively looks for ways you can communicate freely and offers multiple way prospects can engage with you.

What it takes from you

Just like with an expo, you have to pay a little money, show up and present yourself in a way that invites people to connect. There is a brief learning curve here, but fortunately we can do this together. 

Let's work together

Is FindMagicPeople for you?

I hope so - but perhaps not. Not everyone is ready to share what they offer publicly - and I honor that space. Perhaps it will make sense in the future.

There are also practitioners who have the right amount of customers - and so even a small effort to become more visible is misaligned. To these folks, I say a hearty Well Done! You might want to help support your peers and colleagues, or just enjoy the success you have created.

For the rest of us, I hope you will add your voice (and profile) to the space we are creating. My hope is that seekers will see practitioners in every corner of the world and be able to connect through conversations in person and online.

Would you like to get started?

Plans start at $85 / year ($8.95 / month)

You can get your profile together immediately, create unlimited events and add your voice your way.

Yes - I'm ready

A final request

We are a community that appreciates connection and personal invitations.

Will you share this page with any readers, healers or teachers you know, so they can feel if it's aligned with how they want to be discovered in the world.

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