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Evolving by self-design

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

I used to end my talks with a story about a tropical rodent that evolved during the age of the dinosaur. This little quadruped was unique because it was covered with thin, single-quill feathers that you and I would call hair.

Hair in a tropical climate is not a good idea; it doesn't really solve any environmental problem. In fact, it is a liability. So much so that the poor creature had to burrow underground, and only come out at night. On the plus side, it did avoid cold-blooded predators that hunted in the heat of the day.

But fashion-wise, the time was all scales and thick hide. Hair was an oddity. It's not hard to imagine the great scaly rulers of the Jurassic swamps looking at the hairy rodent burrowing in the ground and hear them laughing. Hair! Living underground! What a freak!

Then it started to snow!

Of course, you know the rest of the story: Rodents survived the ice age, dinosaurs didn't.

Growing hair was pre-adaptive evolution. It didn't come from instincts, or even from intelligence; it was a mutation. Call it dumb luck if you want to, but having hair and a burrowing ability prepared the ancestor of the mouse family for the future. If there is some fund of collective consciousness that dutifully records the experiences of life, and designs instincts for the next generation, this mouse started a new chapter. Fur was a serendipitous mutation that illustrates that sometimes you survive by being different and breaking with the past.

The more self-designing that a creature becomes, the more it can adapt to changes.

If the dinosaur had greater intelligence and fewer instincts, it might have survived the Ice Age wearing a mouse-skin coat, but the dinosaur was not self-designing; it lacked the intelligence and flexibility to manage major changes.

Today, tens of thousands of Avatar® students are self-designing foundations that will pre-adapt them for the social change that is beginning: The crossover point from mutually destructive societies to an enlightened planetary civilization®. You could say that Avatars are growing hair.

In this case, hair is the ability to live deliberately and see others compassionately, the ability to trust and act honestly, the ability to listen and share, and the ability to predict and shape future realities.



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from  The Avatar® Path: The Way We Came

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Thriving does not always mean you are evolving. So maybe the challenges we face are good things. - Harry Palmer

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Be ready to evolve

Be ready to evolve

Try this exercise to get present - the expected result is extroversion and a sense of being alive

Take a walk and count forms until colors appear brighter.

Time: 30+ minutes

from Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life

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"I understand all the steps I need to take to create inner peace"

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