Make Room for Destructive Forces

Back in the day, the power of destruction was part of the pantheon of presiding gods and goddesses.  Hindu Kali comes to mind; her image ghastly in so many ways with evidence of human destruction.  We tend to avoid that much obvious negativity (don’t we?)  A necklace of skulls is often acceptable, but not real skulls!  In the new age world, positivity is a requirement for a satisfying life.

After all, if you want to create something you must be cheerful, mind each word, and censor images of women stepping on bodies or carrying a severed head around like a kitschy handbag.  I know Kali wouldn’t get far walking through my neighborhood.  Sekhmet is from ancient Egypt so is rarely mentioned today.  But she did threaten to wipe out mankind, and we might therefore, question her purpose in creating peace.

You may think I have a special ax to grind, but truly, these archetypical forces have an important role in creating a life you love.  The instruction in destruction is a useful one.  If we succeed in creating, it is because we made room for the things we would manifest;  eliminating and destroying what is in the way. 

Sekhmet, the goddess of pestilence was also the goddess of healing.  Kali, the goddess of chaos was also the liberator (hint, hint).  They are dramatic, but when something thwarts your desires, destruction is much better than whining. isn't it? 

Kali knows that chaos that comes with even the sweetest change.

Destruction and Positive Thinking

This may be why so many of us read about manifestation and push our desires farther and farther away by denying some of our feelings.  We cater to those who work against us, in the name of kindness.  We ignore our discerning intuitions.

Some blocks are too subtle to see.  Some look more like background than blocks, so we get anxious to create the new furniture of life and move it in against a backdrop of dingy old wallpaper.  We lie down to sleep on the new mattress, but find there is music we don’t like coming  from somewhere in our room, along with the smell of dust.

Destroy Impossible Forces

It sounds romantic but I don’t really want to dream the impossible dream.  

When you wish to create a prosperous job, you would do well to neutralize your identity as unemployed; not because it’s negative so much as because it is at odds with what you want.   (Sometimes unemployment is quite positive.)

I will never connect with a partner as long as I am hyper aware of my single status.  Even if I enjoy it - or maybe, especially if I enjoy it!

Fearing Destruction

Whom do we call upon to destroy the things that mess with creation?   Kali is rather messy.  I would suggest you simply attend to your feelings and see what makes you less than pleased with the prospect of your  desires. 

What?  Destroy my previous creations?  Yes indeed!  Destroy the negative. Destroy the out of date.  Destroy wha is simply no longer desired.  Destroy the stuff that’s neutral but nevertheless gets in the way.  

Rise above the positive/negative judgements.  Destruction has an appropriate place.  Destruction is critical to creation.  See beyond the positive/negative judgements.  Don’t run from Kali.  Don’t reject the potential of shadow work.  Don’t shush your “negative” friend.  

Of course, use discernment and intuition about what is best for you.  

However, think twice before rejecting the scary psychic life coach!  (Wink! Wink!) The not-so-cozy shaman's terrible eyes may clearly see what you need to destroy to make room for the unicorns.



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