I met someone yesterday who surprised me. He has a good job - something in the legal field, but he said what he really wanted was to be a teacher of mystical wisdom. He said that at an early age he could feel the magic in the world, and how strange it was that most people weren't actively seeking it out.

This helped wake me up, as I was more caught up in the mundane than I realized - and I'm grateful for sharing that moment of youthful wonder and amazement.

I have to think this moment of waking up is always available, but so is being swept up into routine and going through the motions in life.

I'm grateful for the tools and skills I've gained that help me feel grace frequently, and to notice when I'm less present than I want to be. That's what the Avatar tools do - they draw us into a more profound space. Each and every one - they invite us into grace.

I am so grateful for the gifts I've received, and it's a blessing to share awakenings with others and with you. It's hard for me to imagine the space Harry created these materials from.

On May 16th we'll be watching Harry's talk 'The Path to Compassion' - a breath-taking journey on bridging head and heart consciousness including many of his personal experiences.

In it he guides a course room through the Compassion Exercise, and the opening of heart consciousness is palpable.

I hope you can join us - it's magical. Time well-spent.


Ancient wisdom

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

The purpose of spiritual practice is not to become an expert in any ritual or practice, but to really experience who you are.

Spiritual Practices

If you really want to practice spirituality:

• Be honest about something that you were formerly being dishonest about.
• Take responsibility for something that you were formerly blaming another for.
• Treat someone whom you formerly felt superior to as an equal.
• Use an advantage that you formerly used to gain something for yourself to gain something for another.
• Communicate sincere congratulations to someone whom you formerly felt envious of.



End Quote

from  Love Precious Humanity

Line breakTrue spirituality offers no benefit to the ego - only extinction. - Harry Palmer


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"I understand all the steps I need to take to create inner peace"


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