I'm still in a bit of awe from hearing Harry speak in person.

I'd heard people say he doesn't seem like he's earthly - and now I understand. It's not alien at all - but his words drew me into such a sense of cosmic being-ness that the 3d almost didn't exist. It was an experience I can't put into words but I'll never forget.

Harry Palmer speaking at the January International Avatar Course

You've probably heard me say that I use these tools every day. Sometimes it's out of need - but usually it's because the benefits are so profound. And I have to say that in a few short minutes, Harry radically shifted my sense of how far these tools can take me.

Or better - how far they can take US. There's a whole team of us learning and working together. As one of the students at the course said after proudly signing up for upcoming the Master's Course - "I've found my home".



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Forgiveness and self-healing

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

The real situation is that we talk about the forgiveness process, but there is little practice of it.

Forgiveness has become a lost art, a philosophical abstraction.

It has degenerated into something that the other person should beg for. And unless he pays up, publicly apologizes, and suffers properly, we're not going to give him or her the satisfaction.

...It is delusional to believe that withholding our forgiveness gives us any kind of leverage over an abuser.

Our refusal to forgive hurts us, not them.

Our refusal to forgive is a second injury that we do to ourselves after the initial wound. Certain Eastern religions believe that if we do not forgive, we carve resentment so deep into our minds that it carries to our next life. Seen in this light, not forgiving is pretty crazy.


Healing wounds with the Avatar Tools

Beyond telling you that you should forgive, did anyone ever teach you how to forgive?

Recovering the technology of forgiveness begins with the realization that forgiveness is a series of steps that you take to restore your own peace of mind. It is self-healing.


from Seven Pillars of Enlightenment, The Forgiveness Option


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See all of Harry Palmer's books


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Time for perspective


Breathing in, notice something far away. Breathing out, notice something close. Repeat at least 10 times.


Expected results: Recovery of perspective

Time: 5+ minutes


from Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life


"Amazing results! I found multiple transparent beliefs that were governing many of the decisions of my life. I have become clearly aware of them, and I already feel their power is gone."
- Steve E., ReSurfacing® Workshop student, USA
 "The Avatar® Course gave me the strength and courage to turn my unhappy life into bright hope and the despairing problems in my life into blessings and gratitude. Thank you!"
- Soo nam S., Korea, Avatar student


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