I've really enjoyed guiding several of you through mini courses. Aside from how enjoyable they have been - the results have been immediate and striking.

One student was easily able to do something she'd been putting off for months - and even saying it was easy. Another said she suddenly felt she had a lot more choice, where before she'd had pain and discomfort. A third felt a great deal of freedom - and said she was amazed to realize she was repeating patterns instead of them happening to her.

This is from just a few hours working together with these techniques.

And we never know what students will get ahead of time - the tools just seem to magically help you unlock what you need in the moment.

If you haven't taken me up on my offer to try a mini course - please let me know you are interested. There are a few options I'd be happy to explore with you.

In the meantime please enjoy some wisdom from Harry below, including a beautiful exercise you can try on your own.




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The view from innocence

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

Baby eyes perceive what is, just as it is, and the brain creates a copy of what was perceived. At this stage, the physical universe and the mental universe are in perfect alignment. There are no preferences yet. Things happen the way they happen. No expectations. This is the state of innocence.

Seeing the world with an innocent gaze

If you have ever had the privilege of hanging out with a baby and sharing his or her discovery of the world, you probably know what we mean by free attention. In the innocent gaze of a child, there is no self-consciousness, no embarrassment, and no judgment. It is a here-now presence that has not yet become embroiled in the concerns or preferences of the world.

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See with new eyes

The innocence of a baby's gaze


With a little practice, most people can recreate what it feels like to look at the world through baby eyes.

Looking through baby eyes, shift your attention around the room. Notice how your attention behaves.

  • Does the view seem a bit more panoramic?
  • Are you attracted to motions rather than objects?

You may not want to look at the world this way all the time, but it offers a contrasting view to how you have grown to see things. When you perceive through baby eyes, you see beyond word labels.

From Awareness: Basic Attention Management mini-course


Connect with Avatar


I gained the confidence to get through life freely. I have never had much compassion for people, animals, or plants, but as I did the Avatar, I felt a sense of compassion and love that I had never felt before, and it was a strange sensation. I was able to discover a new me, which gave me the confidence to achieve my goals and to feel even greater progress and happiness in the future.

-Koshiro Y., Japan

My experiences were varied. Crazy, Fun, Exciting, Introspective, Enlightening and Renewing. It was so releasing to gain the insights...Many old beliefs are now gone, adjusted or reaffirmed. I have decided to create many new beliefs and realities. I also have the tools to address life's constant changes.


- Ray V., USA


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