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I know not everyone reading this is from Michigan - I hope you've had some of the same beautiful Spring like weather we've had here.

It can really bring for a feeling of new life, rebirth, awakening and more.

Do you feel it?

And that ties in to one of Harry Palmer's questions below - What do you want when your heart is untroubled? For me it feels lighter than when my goal is to solve problems.

It's also related to our upcoming movie - Make Up Your Mind, where we'll explore deliberately creating beliefs that draw in the experiences we want. I don't want to spoil it - Harry frames this creating forward idea in a way that still gets to me. I hope you'll join us, there is so much that is profound in this talk.

I think a lot of us have been feeling a heaviness in different areas, and it's nice to feel a smile of relief.

I also want to share an anecdote. I've been working with someone who's interested in our upcoming course - and I've shared a releasing technique with him a few times. It's been amazing to feel his vibration shift from stress and worry to this lighter feeling of possibility. And his outlook for the day takes a complete 180.

And while it's clearly a gift for him - I want to be clear that it's also a gift to me. It's like sharing a moment in the sun with a friend.

Would you like an invitation? Let's share some warmth - it's a good time for it. Please reach out.

And now some resources from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

The true purpose of your goals

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

Jim Rohn, who I have mentioned before, observed, 'The major value of reaching a goal is not to acquire it, but it is the person that you become while you are working to acquire it.'

The major prize is who you become. If you reach a goal, but you do not like who you have become, that is sad. Psychologist Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of human needs, and do you know what need he put on the top? Self-actualization. Self-actualized. That is a fancy way of saying that who you become while you are working to fill your other needs is really the most important need...

Liking who you have become is determined by what goal you are striving for. Consider the goals of getting even with someone, or proving someone else is wrong, or showing someone else up. A lot of effort is wasted on these goals, but even if you accomplish them, are you going to like who you've become?

Now consider the goal of getting one million trees planted...When you accomplish this goal, are you going to like who you've become? You bet you will!

When you are setting goals, one of the most important questions you need to consider is, when I accomplish that, am I going to like who I have become?

Who you become is as important as what you accomplish...

Pursuing goals - a helpful Avatar exercise

Here is a little three-question inventory that you may find useful:

1. When my heart is untroubled, what do I want? 
2. What would I have to become to get that? 
3. Is my attitude toward this goal working for me? 

End Quote

from The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons

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The 7 powerful Avatar Mini Courses

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Training your mind and your consciousness is key to success in pursuing your goals and dreams - in all aspects of life. Try one of the 7 Pillars of Enlightenment mini-courses and accelerate your journey forward.

Reach out and we can discuss which mini course is best suits your needs. It's a great investment in your life and spiritual journey.

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Paths to Give back

Learn how we support global and local good works through Avatar Non-Profit 

Find Out More

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Scenes of happy Avatar courses and workshops


"It is the end of my ReSurfacing Course. I can see my Transparent Beliefs so clearly and I understand how my life had been controlled by them.

With the Walk for Atonement exercise I can release my guilt and feel so light. I can think about my enemies with happiness! These are great results."

 - M.H, Japan

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