Developing Magic

Do you believe in magic?  Would developing magic help you create more of what you want?   The key to such magic is found through aligning with intuition; inner wisdom.

Intuition and inner wisdom are qualities of perception including clarity, self awareness and being present.  Developing these perceptions supports creating your intentions instead of reacting to the various voices of your conditioning and environment.

There are several major steps for developing the habits of perception that engage your inner magic.

The First Step for Developing Magic

The first step is centering the awareness, by moving awareness out of the intellect and into the center of the body and the energy field.  Centering awareness can be accomplished by simply imagining it.  Place a hand over the mid section, just above the navel, and move the attention there.

Being centered automatically grounds and stabilizes your energy. The solar plexus is a huge nerve center, and focusing there broadens the awareness; physical and energetic.  Return to a centered state various times throughout the day.

The Second Step for Developing Magic

The second step is clearing the mind and energy.  Clearing allows flow.  It is an ongoing process which can be both easy and complex at different stages.  We pick up others’ thoughts and energies, carry ancient memories, stories from our family and culture, stuff we see in the media and more.

One time tested method is to adopt a mindful meditation process; preferably a silent one.  This does not have to be onerous.  Benefits of meditation are available almost immediately; a physical response takes about 7 minutes!   

In addition to being quiet, there are many, many ways to clear cluttered awareness.  Techniques include the Sedona Method, clairvoyant practices, energy grounding, yoga, and more

The Third Step for Developing Magic

The third step for engaging the inner magician is feeling.  Some schools of thought deny feelings - especially negative feelings!  If you don’t feel your feelings you resist them.  Everything changes and flows all the time.  Magic uses and directs the flow of energy, so resisting flow of feelings makes deliberate creation difficult.

Feelings help discern your preferences, signal the presence of unconscious information, warn of dangers, and tip you off to new information and opportunities.

When beset by a negative feeling, or even a gang of them, the fastest way through is to feel the feelings.  See how easily they dissipate, melt and fade away, leading on to something else.

The Fourth and Fifth Steps for Developing Magic

The fourth and fifth steps involve deliberate creation.  They do not necessarily have to follow in sequence, but as centering, clearing and feeling become more automatic so does manifesting intentions.

You are always creating but not always deliberately.  You create things you want and things you resist!  Becoming clearer allows desires to manifest more truly and quickly.  Goals are achieved more smoothly and surely.  People often find that when they take up meditation, more of their dreams come true!

Being clear, authentic and allowing feelings to flow means intentions are truer, therefore more attractive.   Manifesting desires and working toward them will be relatively more satisfying.  The actions required to achieve goals are far more obvious, and some things could just drop in your lap.  When energy flows, creation flows too.

Creating brings up counter intentions.  Old creations may not support new ones.  If you created victimhood in a relationship, it may keep you from creating a great new relationship.  If you believe starting a business must be difficult, it may hinder the success of your business.

The clearing step can be repeated here to good effect.  Eliminating contrary beliefs, resistance and outdated creations clears the field for more of what you want.

Taking on the Whole Process for Developing Magic

These are fairly simple processes, but they aren’t always easy!   Thoughts and feelings may not be in conscious awareness, so a coach or mentor may be helpful.  As you develop a practice, you become adept at lining up with your intentions!

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