Positive thinking is a good thing, right?  We’re trying to get into things more happy than sad.  Optimism is helpful; to reframe inevitable difficulties to give them a more hopeful and positive meaning.

I have been known to help clients get out of the habit of automatic negative thoughts, or ANTs as Daniel Amen calls them. That practice raises the tone of habitual thinking to something more positive.

But positivity can be taken too far.  When the thought police scold, “Don’t say that!” because negative words will manifest, there’s a problem:  Eliminating the negative words bypasses the thoughts and feelings. It is a way to resist and it causes the thoughts and feelings to persist.

Censorship of negative expression has kept many an intention from manifesting! Manifesting comes from a different territory than intellectual thoughts. Feelings and mental-emotional images are key to manifesting experience.  You deny them at your peril.

Denying feelings; or insisting they don’t exist, usually sends them to an unconscious underground.  Like sweeping something under the rug, it’s not really gone.  You will probably trip on it later.

Have you ever experienced something that was not what you intended, or was even the opposite of what you wanted?  It’s important to examine the experience to see what was happening.

Do you have a surprising feeling of worry or thoughts of limiting conditions?  Say I am intending a happy holiday but also feel fear a family argument.  Perhaps you want to manifest more business but lose some customers.  You find you have a bit of worry about being a failure.  Now you are aware of some feelings that do not support your intention.  To realize an intention, it should feel consistently good.

But don’t  blame yourself for negativity!  Go ahead and fully experience whatever contrary or difficult feeling you become aware of. Then you can let the feeling go. See it melt away. Then you can feel more aligned and clear feelings about your intention.

Then, you can take more intelligent action to manifest what you want so you aren’t tripped up by something under the rug.

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