What is inner wisdom anyway?

Think of the wonderful feeling of security when you consult your inner wisdom.  You know what you know.

How many times have you just known that things were ok, when events looked dire?  You were using inner wisdom.

How many times have you just known that something was off and changed your plans because of it? You were using inner wisdom or intuition.

If you believe in the law of attraction, do you attract everything you intend?  When you don’t succeed, do you know why?

Why we do not seek inner wisdom and intuition?

Much of life draws attention outward.  Our cultural voices insinuate that it is correct to be extroverted and not to go inward for information or energy.  It’s true that there is much in the outer world to which we must attend.

However, there is also much in inner wisdom to which we may attend.  We aren’t always encouraged to do so.  But the intuitive stuff in the inner world is important too, and may even make us more effective in any world!

Instruction in using intuition and psychic skills tends to find intuitive information outside of us, with guides and entities and this is often a reader’s appropriate approach. But for creating reality for yourself, it is also important to go straight to the personal source.

Why not consult the inner wisdom, connect to the higher wisdom?  Why not recognize that you are source?  There are times when this is critical and I think it’s a very useful intuitive skill even if you have no other psychic or intuitive practice.

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What can be done with intuition?

Inner wisdom acts as creative rocket fuel when you answer questions like these:  

  • What would make me really happy?
  • Why did I create this so-so job when I meant to create that exciting one?
  • Why do I run into trouble with money (relationships, bullies, fitness, etc.) over and over again?
  • What stops me from starting?
  • What do I believe about my power, my ability, my deserving that affects me?
  • Where would my love flow if I let it?

It can help to develop enough intuitive savvy to see these things and know what must be done.  Most self help promises to answer these questions, but ends up with you spouting positive affirmations and using will power to believe what you doubt.  I know because I have self helped a lot.   It wasn’t until I understood my own awareness that I got anywhere near consistent results.

Developing inner wisdom

Inner wisdom can be developed by having someone intuitive take an inner look with you and help see what you’re doing with your energy.  It can help to have someone neutral tell you when you are creating a new lover patterned after your ex husband.  It can help you to know intuitively that you believe all bosses must be bullies. You might not be consciously aware that you are afraid of making big bucks or how much you buy into the cultural story about what you can do at your age.

Get familiar with the inner wisdom landscape.  Discern the subtle feelings when you feel positive versus negative (never mind what words you use.)  Know what it feels like to create something new in your consciousness.  Understand how to release thoughts and feelings that need to go.  How to let go of other people’s opinions, the news, stuff on social media.

What will be gained?

When intuition becomes clear, when you access inner wisdom it provides a number of benefits.

  • Peace of knowing the truth
  • Ability to deal with emotions
  • Clarity about what you want
  • Clarity about what you believe
  • Knowing what to eliminate

Using inner wisdom brings clearer energy and results in getting more of what you want.

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