Our tribes need to come together.  To create a safety net for the planet.

Many of us remember what it felt like to finally discover like minded souls. To not only be okay, but to be encouraged to flourish. Not everyone is there, but more and more are sinking in the 'old ways' and need support to discover what else is possible.

There are so many small enclaves, groups that have found each other - but right now they are too hard to find to be useful to most people. The tide is changing and we, as a collection of communities, need to be ready to support a LOT more people. It's time to start, now.

The healers, guides and teachers need to hold things together,  while the gatherings are where people land. This site aims to assist in this goal. To help us connect, refer, support and grow. Please join us and find where you can make your mark.

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