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We had a wonderful Movie Night last Sunday, and thanks for everyone who joined in. There were more attendees than are pictured below, but not everyone had their camera on.

It was very inspiring and I think everyone left buzzing in a high vibration, and sounded ready to take on the world! Yes - when you are ready to move forward - these videos can speak to your soul.

If you'd like to watch (or rewatch) Harry's talk - here's the link

Managing Change

Our Avatar Movie Night

Mark your calendars for the next Movie Night, Sunday March 24th - we'll be watching "Make Up Your Mind" about the evolution of beliefs. It's fascinating and powerful - so plan to make it if you can.

And now some resources from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

Simple joys

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

An awakened spirit delights in selfless activities: appreciation, play, team enterprises, care giving, nurturing children, love, gratitude, charity, and adventures for the sake of experience. It is not restricted from competition, but prefers cooperation.

Spiritual awakening is the highest human aspiration. 

Spiritual awakening is the highest human aspiration.  

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from The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons

Line breakProtect the goodness of your heart for the sake of future generationsLine breakThe Avatar Compassion Card

A moment of awakening

Shift your connection with others, gain a personal sense of peace, and add more compassion to the world - with the Compassion Exercise.

Watch and be guided through the exercise

Learn about the Compassion Project

Download the Compassion Card

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Paths to Give back

Learn how we support global and local good works through Avatar Non-Profit

Find Out More

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Connect with an Avatar Master


"For 40 years of my life, I never lived deliberately. I just surrendered to the situations and people around me. I was not honest with myself and kept pretending. In ReSurfacing®, when I did the Releasing Fixed Attention exercise, it was so powerful! I realized that the reason why I experience my reality this way, was because of my beliefs! My heart got lighter and lighter, and I gained more and more courage."

 - Y.I, Avatar student

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