There are four foundational reasons to develop your magic.  

Your intuition, your inner wisdom provides the keys to your magic.  Your magic transforms the world to a beautiful place in which your intentions and desires are most important and yet, at the same time, your actions and creations benefit all around you.  

Anytime you want to build a life you love, all the good stuff; the important stuff is within.  There are many reasons to develop inner wisdom and trust your magic, but four stand out for me when I work with people to develop theirs.

The primary reason to develop magic is to shape reality.  

The most important and least understood reason to develop your magic, is to create a life you really like; to live in a way which truly satisfies you.  Of course, the underlying purpose of this is to be happy.  

Most of us have learned to look “out there” and follow prescribed ways of thinking, in order to manifest what we want.   Maybe we were taught to take massive action to work for it.  But the magic of creating is more like riding a bicycle with balance and momentum adding to the effort.  

When inner magic is developed, with inner rather than outer wisdom, the initial effort results in a more complete knowing and feeling of what your energy is creating and what is causing resistance.  Then you enjoy a life you really like and the surprises are happy ones.

A second reason to develop your magic is to make really good decisions. 

Rational thought is great for evaluating choices, but its predictive value for personal satisfaction is poor.  How many times have you followed the instructions, listened to the vocational counsellor, purchased the recommended plan and found out it didn’t make you happy, or even worse it didn’t work for you?  

With access to intuition or inner wisdom your feelings inform your evaluation.  Your feelings are critical to knowing.  Knowing, not thinking.  Intuition includes feelings, emotions, memories and other things only known at an unconscious level.  All the popular opinion, the common knowledge, the group think, the expert advice, is reviewed in the light of inner wisdom.  

As much as the future can be predicted, there is quite a sure sense of how decisions can work for you; when you have developed your magic.

Thirdly, a reason to develop your magic is to expand your intelligence.  

We have access to multiple intelligences in addition to the rational thought and logic which we value so highly.   Physical and emotional intelligence are only a start.  Becoming more highly aware of energy and perceiving the present moment, create thoughts and behaviors that work out very well in diverse circumstances.  Really, everything works better

That highly developed rationality and logic are still most useful  When you develop your magic, your inner wisdom generally stands up to logic and rational thought.  When creating a life you love, these intelligences can provide structure and strategy on the physical plane.  

The fourth reason to develop your magic is to fill your life with love.  

When you develop  inner wisdom, live by authentic desires and perceive how you create experience, you soon realize that the force you use to create is love.  The more you use inner wisdom, the more you are dealing with the power of love.

As you might guess, being immersed in love has benefits.  It provides immunity from some of the ugliness of the competitive zero sum world, so you are able to grow and prosper despite the dire prognostications of what everybody knows.  It is highly likely that you will help others to do the same, quite effortlessly.  

It’s like magic.

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