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I've actually watched the video for Movie Night a few times this week - as it's helping me with a big goal in my life.

I wanted to write something about just how beneficial this talk has been to me - but I'd have to write a book. I found that creating the short video below was helpful - and somehow feels more connected and personal than typing.

[You want to watch "Managing Change" yourself here]

I expect that everyone reading this would like to make changes to improve themselves and also to improve the world. I hope you'll join is Sunday as we explore together how to do that as a spiritual being.

I hope to see you Sunday at 6:30

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And now some resources from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

A Limitless Supply

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

Relevant information 
Proper acknowledgement 
Sincere appreciation 
Genuine admiration

Amazingly, these four abstract commodities are apparently considered more valuable by the current civilization than any other thing, including health, wealth, and power. They are the fundamental incentives that motivate people to better themselves, to perform better, and to strive for higher goals. They are the secret desires that fuel human consciousness.

Probably the reason they drive people so hard is because they are in such short supply...But why are relevant information, proper acknowledgement, sincere appreciation, and genuine admiration in such short supply in the current civilization?

It's not really that much of a mystery. The majority of the population are absorbed in calculation how to receive (get) these commodities from others. Calculating how to get them is service to self. Calculating how to get them does not produce them, but merely adds to the demand that already far exceeds the current supply...


...The more you give away, the more abundant your own supply becomes. That is another secret. 

End Quote
from The Avatar Master's Handbook
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Line breakSincere Congratulations Melt EnvyLine breakSincere Congratulations

Try this action today

The Hindu Vedas described strategies for conducting your life. Here is one to you can try right now.

Toward the good fortune of others, develop the attitude of gladness.

When someone succeeds, admire him or her with sincere congratulations.

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Join Us Sunday Evening on Zoom for

Movie Night - "Managing Change"

Are you ready to improve your ability to navigate life as a spiritual being?

Join us for Managing Change, a talk by Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar® Materials. After introductions, we'll watch and discuss this amazing talk.

  • How to improve your ability to recognize when change is possible.
  • Learn 4 powerful spiritual practices to maximize your creative power.
  • Feel the grace of creating the next moment in the NOW.

Expect to go beyond the familiar - this talk is breathtaking.

I hope you can join us.

Zoom Id: 313 570 7151

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/3135707151

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"I learned to live my life as source. I can fulfill my happiness bychanging the present, regardless of the past, and live as I decide. Now, I will intutively feel what I should do, discreate my transparent beliefs and create my new beliefs to create my own life. I will use the tools and make my goals real."

 - Daisuke S., Avatar student


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