ReSurfacing® is Section 1 of the Avatar® Course - which was created in 1987 by Harry Palmer. This course has over 100,000 graduates in over 150 countries - and 

This workshop connects you to a more expanded awareness of how your beliefs affect your life and it is an individual experience in an informal group setting that allows for personal interaction and sharing. I'm your guide and ensure you get the best results from the 30 tools and exercises in the workshop.

Aspects of consciousness addressed:  Beliefs, Reality, Consciousness

ReSurfacing refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness. It is a process, paralleling nature, of revealing yourself to yourself. The rewards are new insights and realizations about how your life works - or why it doesn't work.

Offered online as a 3 day workshop

Offered in person as a 2 day workshop

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