Reiki Therapy is a practice of guiding energy to promote healing and the free flow of energy throughout the body. The energy flow promotes relaxation, eases stress and tension, and connects people with their own healing energy. 

Reiki is non-denominational - it is meant to support whatever religious beliefs you bring with you into the session. 


Reiki can help you manage stress and release negative energy that feels stuck inside you. The only "work" you need to do is to lay on the table, notice on any sensations you feel in the present moment, and have an open mind.


Reiki is NOT massage. Reiki practitioners gently lay hands on specific areas of the body (head, neck, chin, collarbone, abdomen, hips, knees, ankles and feet) but it’s completely up to the client- we always ask permission before touching you anywhere!!! We will skip whatever areas are out of your comfort zone. We can also practice Reiki without touching at all, but it’s not as effective. The goal is to make clients as relaxed and comfortable as possible - it is crucial to listen to and respect all client needs.


Our Reiki practitioner Lisa is a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner with direct teaching lineage through 9 Reiki Masters from Mikao Usui. She has been practicing Reiki since January 2020. She is currently working on her Master Level Training to be a Double Master in Usui and Karuna Reiki.



$50 for 30 minutes of Reiki

appts will run a little longer than 30 min due to paperwork, getting situated, etc; the 30-minute timer starts when you lay on the table

By appointment only - please contact us for more information.

We accept cash, credit cards, and CashApp.

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