Enjoy a one of a kind experience with family and your closets friends in the comfort of your own home. Painting with Angels is a one of a kind experience where you receive healing from the Angelic Kingdom of light as you paint your own Archangel Energy painting. Each paint party  provides a unique experience for you and your guest.  To schedule your party please email us at [email protected] or call (734)837-2675. 

3 person minimum

Included in each Paint Party is: 

Included with this Angelic Intuitive Painting Workshop is:

--1 - 16 x 20 Inch Canvas
--Acrylic Paints
--Painting supplies


​--Angelic Kingdom Guidance &

--Distance Reiki sent  the night before

  During the distance reiki session I will prepare the space remotely for you to receive the healing needed most for  you at the time. During the remote Reiki session you may feel a reduction in stress, a more peaceful state of being as well as an ease of emotional and physical ailments.  

​Group Reiki during the workshop  

  During the workshop the space will be prepared ahead of time to promote healing and peace as you paint your own Archangel intuitive painting.  We will do a short meditation to set your intention for the class and call in Archangel Michael to overlite the workshop.  


$55 per person minimum of 3 people per party. 

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Painting with Angels
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