Eco-spirituality is an antidote to the very busy lives and hectic to and fro we often tend to live. It focuses on learning and growing one's own spirituality in harmony with the natural world. It gives us a "time out" from everything else we do. And it's family friendly.

Outdoor meditations, spending time outside with the intention of harmonizing with nature, and focusing on the natural world around you is all part of nurturing an eco-spirituality. Rekindle the sense of the sacred within you that is richly fed by the natural beauty around you. Formally trained in both botany and theology, I can help you develop a meaningful and rich spiritual life through connecting deeply with the natural world.

I offer practices for you to do in nature. Then I listen to your experiences of nature encounters and help you draw out insights into life, your own and in general, more deeply and richly. We find ourselves most fully when we learn how to commune with the natural world we belong to. 




Mentoring is $1.00 per minute. 

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