Experience the deep healing power of crystals!  A relaxing, peaceful session for the body and mind, this lineage crystal healing is customized specifically to your needs to restore harmony, balance, and flow. 

Crystals in various forms are essential for Life:  Our bodies cannot live without salt, a crystal, and water, a liquified crystal!  Utilizing tools with the same essential structure only makes sense.  Not only are they good for you in enhancing your vitality and inner magick, Crystal Healings are truly a delight!

A must for Crystal Lovers!


Benefits of Crystal Healing can include:

  • Relaxation & the experience of inner peace 
  • Increased focus, drive, and passion
  • Accelerated recovery & healing
  • Grounding into the present moment
  • And More!

Prerequisites:  None, but Life Activation is recommended


Investment: $125/session

Payment can be made via PayPal to @AFEL711 using the Friends and Family option.  Thank you!

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