For over 10-years, I've been working in the Akashic Record, and it is absolutely one of my very favorite places to work.  It does no matter if I am doing work for myself or for a client, the awarenesses, information, understanding of "why?" that can be found there can be transformational and powerful.

In my works with hypnosis clients, I have my Eric Webster, Lifestyle Engineer Akashic Record open, every time.  Invariably a moment will come during the session that I look up and say "Thank You", because the words that I've just heard myself use, while perhaps are not words or phrases I would normally put together, even when they are absolutely in alignment with the direction I am going.

It is at that moment, I recognize that I've been given a powerful gift. 

What is the Akashic Record?

The simple answer is that YOUR Akashic Record is the storehouse of the complete story of your soul.  All lifetimes, past, present and future.  Everything you've ever been, done, said or thought.

But I want to be clear, I do not believe that having that Record takes away any aspect of free will.  

For me, it is not unlike a road trip.  If you stay on the road you are on, you will get to whatever is at the end of that road.  However, if you turn the wheel, even slightly, you will end up someplace else.  

Similarly, I know that when I get or give a reading, what is projected for my future assumes that I'm not going to turn the wheel.  If I do alter my route, make a mid-course adjustment, my ultimate destination (and outcome) can be completely different.

From the Akashic Record, we can sometimes find the root cause of our tendencies and behaviors. Also, our blocks and problems.  

For me, learning to work in the Akashic Record, combined with having earlier received Reiki Master (level 3) attunement, opened doors, windows and gifts that I'd not been aware of in my life.  The more I worked with it, the stronger, broader, more accurate and comfortable the connection became.  The level of trust I had with the information given increased dramatically.

Then one day, I realized it was time for me to take this on the road. So now, I take part in a wide variety of Psychic And Holistic Fairs and Festivals doing Akashic Record Readings.

For me, the fun is in watching the light bulb go on in the eyes of my client, or perhaps seeing an AHA moment of understanding.  Sometimes, as a complete stranger, the most powerful thing the Records provide is confirmation and affirmation of what the person already thinks they know, but maybe don't trust.  

Over the years, the manner in which information is delivered to me, has changed dramatically.  When i read the Prayer that allows me access, with their permission, the Record Keepers give me a glimpse of where we are going, a starting point.  I then 'step out of the way' and deliver whatever images, ideas, words are given to me.  

I vowed from the very beginning that it was not my job to censor, spin or modify the information, but rather, I am committed to deliver it directly, as presented, even in those moments that the information perhaps makes me blush, or makes me a bit uncomfortable.   But it is absolutely NOT about me.  Many times, it is in those moments that the most good is done.

I've also found that dipping into prior lifetimes has become more and more regular.  In fact, sometimes a version of the client, from another lifetime, will ask permission to join the conversation to shed light on a situation that began in THEIR lifetime.  

While I would not (yet) hold myself out as a Medium, there is an element of Mediumship that seems to be gradually opening to me.  Important figures from the clients life sometimes also join us.

That I never know who is going to show up, or how, keeps the process interesting and fun for me, and incredibly powerful for the client.

When I am not doing an event, I regularly do Akashic Record Consultations in my Grand Rapids MI office, or via Zoom. The technological possibilities have made my market pretty much open to any English speaking person, regardless of their location.

Readings begin with the Prayer, the opening salvo I receive while reading the prayer, and then go to whatever area the client wishes to take a look at.  It is very interactive, can be full of laughter and/or tears.   But from the number of repeat clients I have I have to assume that they find great value in the conversation.

As with my hypnosis practice, I am always happy to have a conversation to answer questions about the process, the cost, 

Because of the value I've found in working in the Akashic Record, I also started teaching Akashic Record Teleclasses on ZOOM.  There are two levels, each 3-hours.  At the end of Level I, the student has everything they need to access their own PERSONAL record.  At the end of Level II, the student has everything they need to be able to open (with the expressed permission of the other party) the records of other people.

It is a very experiential class.  Both are full of time spent in the Record doing various assignments and exercises.  The Level II class is great, because students are teamed up, and do exercise readings for their partner.  So as they share the information they received, they get immediate feedback, which contributes to building their confidence in the connection.

If you want to do more research about the Akashic Record, I would suggest looking at the work and writings of Edgar Cayce.  He is very well known for his work.  The Edgar Cayce  Association for Research and Enlightenment still is going full force in Virginia Beach VA.

Or, certainly feel free to reach out to me if I can be of assistance.


“Working with you in the Akashic Records has been nothing short of life changing. The way that you present information resonates so well with me. Your gentle grounded-ness and matter-of-fact approach brings into focus for me concepts and information that would otherwise seem otherworldly and mystical. You have offered me priceless words of encouragement and a firm but gentle nudge when needed. Your truthful guidance has been integral to the process of me finding my path and walking it one step at a time. I am so grateful to have your wisdom and experience to support me as I make my way in the world!"

~ Brian Relph
Asheville NC

















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I also teach Teleclasses on Zoom, about the Akashic Record, so a graduate of the classes can access their own record, or with expressed permission, the record of another.


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