Past Life Regressions

amandagraves asked on 2022-07-13
Question:What is past life regression?

Past Life Regressions

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A past life regression is simply a way to connect to a past life. We all have challenges that are affecting us currently and sometimes those challenges are not from this life but have been sourced from another life. When we bring awareness to the circumstances at the root of the challenge and do what needs to be done to clear or process the challenge, we can find relief in our current circumstances. Regressions can also be used to access latent talents and abilities as well as to help us get clarity on what steps to take next in our lives. 

A regression works best if there is a focus or intention set ahead of time. A practitioner then uses hypnosis to take the client into a deep relaxation. From there the client is guided to explore a life that is important for them to understand more about what they are struggling with now or with what they want more clarity. 

From a Shaman standpoint, past lives are very influential in the managing of our everyday lives. Through a simple guided journey one can gain access to memories from past lives in order to perhaps remedy a recurring theme in one's present life. 

The short answer is they are magic healing opportunities.