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28217 Diesing Drive
Madison Heights, MI 48071
United States

Bio / Self introduction

I am a unique, compassionate intuitive coach and mentor.  I take a practical and holistic approach to clairvoyant reading, energy healing and strategic action.

I have been practicing and teaching clairvoyance for 12 years and have been coaching, mentoring and healing for almost 20.

I help you to develop your own skills and abilities to get more of what you want, and bring your important gifts to the world.  I help you work with the energy of creation, see into "blind" spots, work at a level that heals or avoids challenges.   I guide you to start immediately to make easy, manageable changes that bring the essence of your desire into your life.  

Who I Work With

If it has been challenging for you to create a desired life change, then finding and using your inner magic, will get results, well, magically.  Even accomplished practitioners of magic can find it challenging to see their own information.

If a desire or life change has eluded you or seems out of reach we can access your authenticity and your special gifts, find clarity, polish intuitive skills, heal obstacles and align you with your dream.  I also successfully mentor intuitive practitioners in fine tuning their neutrality,  boundaries, and in accessing the clearest and highest information.

You quickly become the person who has what you want because you immediately take steps to bring the essence of what you want into your life. 

You may have been talked out of using your unique intuition, but when you bring your authentic magic into play, creations are satisfying and fun.

The world needs your gifts!

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