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Bio / Self introduction

My intuitive guidance is unique, far reaching and practical.  

Using hypnotherapy and NLP, I communicate with the unconscious, bringing forth your superpowers and desires so you can enjoy more freedom.

Using my clear knowing, we access the energy body (accross time if necessary) and situations of concern to you.

I heal, using clairvoyant methods that you can adopt for self healing.

The intuitive approaches I use help you communicate more fully with your inner self and the wide world.

I guide you in strategic plans so you follow an easy, flowing course of action that creates a life you really like.

You can create a life you love, in manageable steps you can easily integrate into your life.  And these steps are surprisingly quick at getting you to outcomes you want.  

Whether you work in increments to improve performance or in series to create an intention, you can create a life you like without censoring your thoughts and feelings, following someone else's plan, or needing years of self development.

With my help you can properly focus your energy on your intentions,  eliminate resistance to creating those intentions, and ultimately you can find more freedom in life.

For a free PDF with a unique approach, taking easy steps to start building a life you love... visit   

I have practiced and taught clairvoyance for over 13 years,  energy healing techniques for 16 years and Ericksonian hypnotherapy for over 20.  I recently updated my hypnotherapy skills with a certification from Paul McKenna


Who I Work With

If you want to create a life you love in manageable, stress free steps, I can help you align your unconscious to support your dreams. 

If someone else' plan for success doesn't seem to fit you, We access your authentic gifts.

If  you wish to quickly begin creating the essence of the life you want, we can immediately focus your energy and eliminate resistances that come up. to book an appointment

Even accomplished practitioners of magic can find it challenging to see their own information but together we can see blind spots and tell what your energy is creating.

Being guided with hypnosis is easy, reduces stress and increases your freedom.  You are far more likely to be controlled by social media than by hypnotherapy when it's practiced properly.

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