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Gratitude to my friends and members

Gratitude to my friends and members of FindMagicPeople

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being one of the foundational members of FindMagicPeople.

I'm grateful to be working with so many talented and powerful practitioners, healers and guides. Many of you are dear friends and allies, while some took a leap without knowing me well - I'd love to hear from all of you and I hope you feel the subtle ties of community that are forming here.

Exciting news! FindMagicPeople has recently gone international - with new members in Canada! And there are new members in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and beyond!

I love that many of you are sharing questions, topics and events - and that's really my vision, for FindMagicPeople to truly convey our unique voices into the world.

And I don't know if you see it - but there is consistent activity. Momentum is growing - and our individual efforts are creating an amplified collective impact.

Thank you for what you are offering the world, and for being part of this with me -

With Love,