Enlightened Soul Expo Guest Speaker Joe Elwart.


Though the expo takes place all weekend, Joe will be speaking during the event on Saturday.

Our connection to Spirit gets dimmed and even blocked because of the world we live in. Physical DNA is what makes us who we are. Our Spiritual DNA connects us not only to Spirit, but to our intuition, clarity of thought, discernment and provides a stronger connection between our Will and our Actions. As we block the negative energy or this world, which we do mainly around our crown chakra, we gradually form a barrier over time that slows or blocks our guiding connection to Spirit.

The Presenter of this topic is Reverend Joseph R. Elwart, Psy.S. He is a Guide and Trainer in the Modern Mystery School, and holds many other titles as well. He shares these teachings previously hidden for thousands of years, now open to the public, through the Academy For Empowered Living, located in Royal Oak, MI. He will be handing down a Ritual of Protection to all who attend.

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