Drop in Healing Night

Drop in Healing Night

Those seeking healing & answers to medical issues AND practitioners of energy work, medical intuition, & other alternative healing modalities are welcome invited to drop in the first Monday of each month. The format is similar to a Reiki Share, but ALL types of healing modalities are welcome, as well as Medical Intuition Practice.

The goal of this evening is to help people feel better affordably by trying out various modalities and practitioners, as well as to provide a practice opportunity for those who have been trained in a healing modality or medical intuition. Feel free to invite your family, friends, and clients!

NOTE: No massage therapy that requires clothing removal! Massage practitioners must provide a copy of their up-to-date state license if practicing massage at Healing Night. Thanks for your compliance!

COST: Both practitioners and "clients" participate by offering a donation to the Enlightened Soul Center.

No advance registration required for clients; PRACTITIONERS are requested to RSVP in advance to Amy at [email protected] or call/text 734-358-0218.

Doors open 6:30 pm for practitioner set-up. "Clients" may arrive starting 7:00 pm.

Two bodywork tables are available, and we invite practitioners to also bring theirs. Also, two treatment rooms are available.

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