I'm going to ask you to share what you do boldly. And before I do, I'm going to explain why.

Whether we are just getting started, or have been in business for decades - we can all improve in connecting, marketing, selling and keeping our customers happy.

One of the biggest difficulties I've seen (and faced) - is we are offering things that are off the beaten path - and there is a tendency to pull back.

But what if your customers feel the same way? How will you connect if you are both reluctant to be clear about what is offered and what is desired?

It's a time for boldness.

Our community is bigger, I believe, than any of us know. Marianne Williamson - RAN FOR PRESIDENT. If you are like me, you want now to be our time - so do what you can to bring that about. Let people know who you are and what you offer.

If we do that together - we will all fulfill this sites intention. We will grow together.

So on your profile, and on any offerings, and in any articles or groups - there are links to share. Use them, and encourage their use. Let's invite the world into a new point of view.

With Love,