Learn to create Magic in your life with Derek, a licensed Avatar master

Welcome Practitioners!

One of the strongest intentions I see among practitioners in the sincere desire to help people with our gifts. We want to make a difference.

For better or worse - it can take a lot of effort to establish ourselves and reach people who we CAN help. We not only need to know how to help, but we need to connect as well. And the business skills of connecting (promotion, marketing, networking, clear communication of what we offer) can be a real challenge.

Are you struggling to reach the people you know you can help?

How does this sound - this effort becomes easier when we work together.

For every person who is ready for a Past Life Regression or Reading - there are THOUSANDS who don't yet know what that means. And it benefits everyone to make it easier for them to learn about and explore all that our conversation holds.

This is the purpose of FindMagicPeople - to create a space where people can explore the full scope of the energy conversation and all it's possibilities. FindMagicPeople has created the foundation, and practitioners can fully participate simply by sharing:

"This is who I am"  "This is what I offer"  "This is where to find me"

and for many

"These are the conversations you can join me in"

It's thrilling to me to have a whole platform designed to help us share so that the world can find us. 

Not just me - but us.

And I realize that not everyone is willing to let go of their targeted intensity. "I don't care about everyone, I need to focus on getting my customers". I understand - it can be a challenging economy.

But I think most of us can intuitively feel that a bit of broadcasting - telling the world "here's where to look, I hope you find something perfect for you" will make a positive difference in the world.

Are you willing to be part of a beacon? To add your light to a group effort to help the seekers in the world find their way forward?

Please consider these two easy ways to contribute:

1. Sign up for a practitioner membership so you can create a profile, events and more for the world to see.

2. Share any parts of FindMagicPeople that resonate with you - like events you participate in, practitioners who have supported you or topics and conversations that you feel are worthwhile.

Oh, and FMP also has features just for US. Look for my next message where I'll be sharing about group areas only available to practitioners - so we can support each other!

Thank you