West Michigan Spirit Faire

October 29, 2023 ~ West Michigan Spirit Faire, 11am - 5pm at DoubleTree, 4747 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids MI.  Fantastic psychic readers, vendors & alternative health practitioners.  Experience Angel Messages, Inspiring Lectures, Reiki, Phrenology, Intuitive Card Readings, Palmistry, Energy Tuning, Chakra Balancing, Stone Readings, Astrology and Aura Photography!  Shop for Crystals, Jewelry, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Books, Pendulums, Fairy Houses, Divination Tools... 

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$5 admission, free parking!  Wear a Halloween costume (no mask) to get in for just $3! 

Psychic reading, Alternative health, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Aura Photography, Astrology, Stone readings, Inspiring lectures, Phrenology

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