Priestess holding offering bowl

Transformative Ritual

In protected ritual space, we will raise group energy, open healing channels and receive Divine Grace.

Bring your whole self. Bring your broken parts. Bring your empowered parts. Bring your wise parts. Bring your toxic parts, Bring your healthy parts. Bring the parts of you that thrive and the parts that are diminished. Bring your innocent child parts – and the wounded ones too.  Bring your guides, guardians and loving ancestors. Whatever is truly ready to be healed shall be healed. Whatever is truly ready to be integrated shall be integrated. Whatever is truly ready to be brought into balance shall be brought into balance.

Come release, receive, empower yourself, and heal through Divine Love. Mara Evenstar will serve as Priestess / Healer / Guide for the evening. 

Held in the Community Room of The Intentional Living Collective, Ann Arbor

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