Synthetic Relationship Clearing

Would you like to join me for a live FREE Zoom Event July 5th at 1:30 PM Eastern Time?

The topic: Synthetic Relationship Clearing

How do you feel about how you show up in relationships?

Are you pushed around?

Are you overlooked?

Have you given up, given in?

Have you lost yourself in pleasing others, those that can never be pleased?

Let's clear it!

Who are you being in Relationships?

Do you find yourself questioning who you are?

Have you become your mother or father?

Are you being your mother or father?

Let's clear it!

How different would it be if you would be authentically you?

Are you ready to start uncovering the artificial and synthetic versions of yourself?

Maybe find out who you are?

Your likes and dislikes?

The things in your way- Let's clear it!

Let's look at who you are being, what you are being, and why you are being everything but you, in relationships. Not only will you become aware of some sabotaging ways in which you are holding yourself back from being yourself, but we will run energy clearings to release these thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, problems, and stories leaving you with a feeling of a clean slate—renewed so that you can choose what works for you.

Call-in details will be emailed 60 minutes prior to the event- Join the Creating Beyond email list at to get the zoom details.


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