Sunday Morning Altar Sound Bath

Invitation Meditation with 13 chakra tuned Quartz Crystal Bowls and 7 Tibetan chakra Bowls.

We will begin this sound bath with adding a focus each week. Mindfully focusing on bringing in to our sacred space certain specific energies. We will be using an altar with each individual bringing in something symbolic that relates to our focus for that week. As a collective we intention for the whole group to experience a deep connection with the chosen focus. The sound bath will allow all to dive deep into meditation and experience your own unique connection that you will forever take away with you from the experience to your home or energy work practices.

Week one focus: Mother Mary (Jan.30th)

Week two focus: Jesus (Feb. 6th)

Week three focus: Archangel Michael (Feb. 13th)

Week four focus: Individual Random Pick of Ascended Masters from Tarot Deck > to be placed on Altar (Feb. 27th)

Bowls and Intentional focuses lead by Shaman, Sound Healing Teacher, Reiki Master Amy Feger  $45 per event date. you can rsvp for all four events.

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