Sound & Vibrational Healing Double Certification 2 or 4-Day Course with Meditate School of Mindfulness and Sound Healing

This interactive training is centered around the teaching of Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapies. Our intention for this amazing interactive training is to not only share the theory, science, and practices of Sound Healing, but to give you "hands-on" experience.

Level 1: Practitioner of Sound Healing Certification - We will take you on a journey of healing using Sound and Intention. We will teach you the science and theory of the practice, as well as allow you to experience several varieties of Sound Bath, Sound Meditation, and Yoga Nidra. You will be taught how to lead Sound Baths/Sound Meditations for groups and individuals using Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Drums, and other instruments. This certification includes an Introductory Online teaching that will prepare you for our in-person training. This Level 1 will help you find a passion for the practice and teach the many uses of Sound as a Healing Practice.

Level 2: Practitioner of Vibrational Therapy Certification - This level teaches how to use sound therapeutically in private sessions or with specialized groups. We guide you to use Sound & Vibration to align our clients to a more Harmonized State of Being.

In this Level we spend:

5-6 hours working with Tuning Forks through various protocols.

2-3 hours of Drum Protocols learning how they can be used to move energy, ground, and unblock stored trauma and emotions.

8-Hours of hands-on practice using Himalayan Bowls on the Body to bring what we call an "Internal Massage" to the whole-body system.

We approach this practice by embracing the traditions of ancient teachings and combine them with modern research. By working with sound, vibrations and intention we create a modality that is truly Transformational.

All students will receive unlimited lifetime access to our online training portal. The portal contains reference material and recordings. This valuable resource will offer you continuing education in the practice and provide opportunities to stay connected with classmates and peers.

​Once enrolled you will be given access to our "Introduction to Sound Healing Course", which you are Required to complete before ​the in-person training date.

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