Sound Bath + Salads

Self-Love Sound Bath + Salads with the Wellness Warrior Collective

About this event

Come one come ALL! Have you been excited to start amplifying your Self-Love + Self-Care?

Do you believe you can only give your best when you feel your best? If "yes," then come meet the Wellness Warriors community! We aim to feel our best by becoming intentional with what we consume. This is a great way to introduce friends, family, and spouses to sound healing, chakra alignment, mediation, and the power of plant fuel.

We will begin the evening with soft networking (because we believe in community over competition), followed by instruction and group assembly of our salads. Finally, we will close the evening with guided breath, mediation, a gentle 10-minute sound bath, and journaling.

Whether you're a seasoned Wellness Warrior Within or just beginning, you will love this event. Feel free to invite your friends.



We will make up to 2-3 salads each.

You will need //

- Yoga mat / Blanket or Meditation Pillow

- Mason Jars (wide-mouth pint & a half size recommended) or any **GLASS** jar that is about 16oz and has a top **No Plastic, Please**


You will be assigned //

- You'll be assigned 1-2 ingredients

- 1 Gluten/Free + Vegan dressing


You'll arrive with ingredients

- Washed, Rinsed

- Chopped/Diced/Peeled

- In a bowl with a serving utensil, ready to be served.


Thursday, Sept 8th to ensure everyone has time to shop.

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