Simple Lifelines—Paths into Stories of the Self

Wednesdays, Feb 2, 9, 16; 9:00-11:00am OR 6:30-8:30pm ET

Online Course taught by Cindy Guillean

Our stories are sacred. Looking backwards, we can trace the threads of our life experiences and begin to see, with gratitude and awe, our unique tapestries. Look! There are our colors, love, lessons, epiphanies, divinity, dreams—all we have co-created! Simple lifelines and deepening techniques, focused on Self and Soul desires and needs, are creative and powerful tools for self-knowledge, synthesis, healing, and expansion.

In this exploratory workshop, we will use simple lifelines, multi-genre crots, and multi-lifeline visual structures to deepen our awareness of the stories that make up our lived experiences. There will be opportunities to share our processes, insights, and reflections as we discover what stories wish to emerge and how they create sacred meaning in our lives.

This workshop uses paper and pencil/pen to evoke memories and meanings, however, there are many ways to tell our stories. What stories you remember and how you work with them will be entirely up to you. As we share our ways of working, you may be pleasantly surprised by the richness of this kind of shared sacred play. If you want to simply look back on a few important memories, or if you want to engage in bigger life narrative projects, this workshop will offer beneficial tools and ways of working toward these aims.

Come join a circle of introspective souls! Let’s engage in deep soul play.

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