Shamanic Sound Bath

How will you know? You will see and hear it in the way shaman Amy Feger channels your assisting spirits through the rattle, the sound of the rattle changes and the walk and movements of Amy changes from person to person. Amy has the ability to allow one spirit to the next flow through her, A connection between the spiritual side and you. As soon as she steps into your aura your energy draws her to blockages in your energy body and she uses the rattle and drum to cleans these areas and replenish it. She then sits in a meditative state and plays channeled techniques for the listener with intention of cleansing the groups energy and expanding it outwards to send healing to the surrounding city, world and galaxy. The frequency and intention travels far and wide. An experienced Sound Healer teacher An Experience you surely won't want to miss. Purchase your ticket now to reserve your space. Limited space.

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