Sacred Geometry 1: Ohio

Sacred Geometry 1 is a powerful class from the Hermetic lineage of King Salomon the Wise and I'm excited to offer it for the very 1st time in Columbus, OH!

The knowledge and techniques handed down in this class will not only expand your understanding of the spiritual and energetic laws of geometry, but will empower you to act upon them to raise the vibration of your life, to create truly sacred space, to strengthen your connection to the Divine, and to manifest more clearly and abundantly!

This class is especially powerful for those who are empathic or energetically sensitive, as well as for teachers and healing practitioners who desire to create tangibly sacred space for themselves and those they serve!

Learn to:

+ Create energetic walls to raise the vibration and anchor positivity and light in your home and workspace
+ Create your own personal Sacred Temple space for protection and enhanced spiritual connection
+ Come to a deeper understanding of the energy and symbols of the Sacred Geometries
+ Gain a deeper knowledge of the process of creation and how the Sacred Geometries can assist in your ability to manifest
+ Receive prayers you can use to awaken the Sacred Geometries within you and feed your energy field – body, soul, and spirit
+ Receive attunements to the Sacred Geometries that will unlock a deeper connection to all aspects of Self and Creation!

Exchange: $200
Prerequisites: None, but Life Activation is recommended

If bundled with Astral Travel 1 happening on the same day, receive both classes for just $375!

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