Sacred Geometry 1: Learning the Language of God

Sacred Geometry 1 unveils ancient lineage teachings on sacred geometry as the language of God and the keys to manifestation!

Expand your understanding of the sacred geometries and how to use them to raise your positive vibration, grow closer in your connection to the Divine and to bring more light into your life!

A game-changing class for empaths and those who are energetically sensitive.

Learn to:

+ Create energetic walls to raise the vibration and anchor positivity and light in your home and workspace.

+ Create your own personal Sacred Temple space for protection and enhanced spiritual connection.

+ Gain a deeper understanding of the energy and symbols of the Sacred Geometries.

+ Expand your knowledge of the Sacred Geometries as keys in the process of manifestation.

+ Receive prayers you can use to awaken the Sacred Geometries within you and care for your energy field – body, soul, and spirit.

+ Become attuned to the Sacred Geometries so that you may have a deeper connection to all aspects of Divine Self and Creation!

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Investment: $200

As part of Healers Academy Prep Weekend, if you bundle all 4 classes together pay just $900 (a $150 savings!)

Prerequisites: None (Life Activation recommended)

Payment in full guarantees your spot in class.

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