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Reiki for Kids

Sundays, Sept 18, 25 & Oct 2: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Reiki is a beautiful system for accessing life force energy that can be an invaluable aid for kids in this high-stress, chaotic world. In this class, they will be connected with this energy, and shown how to use it for self-healing, self-soothing and self-knowing. They will also be learning ways of using Reiki to connect with love to other Beings in their environments – people, animals, plants, etc.

They will be learning:

·      ways to help manage and protect their own energy,

·      how to use Reiki to help with their emotional regulation,

·      how to use Reiki to develop their intuitive skills,

·      and the importance of consent in energy exchange (getting/giving permission, knowing when Reiki is appropriate for a situation.)

This beginner Reiki class is geared toward older kids, approximate age range 7-12. They will receive the level 1 attunements for Usui Reiki, a printed manual created just for them, and a certificate upon completion.

Taught by RMT Team Mara Evenstar & Cindy Guillean, with guest teachers Noel Kemeny and Elisa Guyton. 

Note: If wished, one adult may accompany the participant in the classroom. There is also adjacent space available where you can hang out while waiting.

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