Psychic Saturday & Vendor Show


This year's 2nd ANNUAL WYTCHFEST will be epic! From costumes to cackling, bring your friends and family... laughter is bound to overwhelm you! 

It's a fun filled day of messages, friends and laughter..  

Have a reading or two, all readings $25

Amazing Healers onsite for your body mind soul and spiritual awakenings!

Have your Aura captured by AuraGlow and understand your vibrations!

Exceptional One of Kind Vendors peddling their wares and artistry in many ways, shapes and forms!

Join in the fun by coming in YOUR BEST WITCH GEAR or however you fly! We will be having contests for:

? Best Broom
? Best Hat
? Best Dressed
? Best Cackle 

Its definitely a day NOT to miss and an EXPERIENCE of a Lifetime! 

Want to be a part of the party?? Accepting vendors, psychics, readers, healers and feelers ... message us direct for more information!

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