Meditation and Herbals

Part of Wellness Wednesdays! This is an all-levels meditation circle held at the lovely venue, Wild Daisy, in Saginaw, MI!

We will be first led through a gentle cleansing & clearing meditation, helping the mind, body & spirit to settle and lighten to its healthier state.

Second meditation will take us deeper, encouraging deeper relaxation, letting go & healing into a deep state of peace.

In addition, Beeautiful Herbals will be providing relaxing herbal tea blends to further assist settling/calming the mind. This will give you the unique opportunity to enjoy your meditation on an even deeper level. ✨🙏💜

All meditations are guided to keep you focused. Shamanic elements included. Achieve the state of gentle power in serenity as it is amplified in a cohesive group. It’s really a great time — please join us!


Yoga mat (or cushion to lie on)
A small pillow or cushion
A small blanket
Your water bottle

Cost is $25 cash pp
RSVP is recommended to save your spot
Please consider bringing a companion! It’s fun to share these kinds of experiences together & discuss afterwards!

Meditation Energy Clearing Peace of Mind

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