The Power & Purpose of Crystal Grids

Event date Sep 16 '22 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Event location Enlightened Soul Center & Shop • 2711 Carpenter Rd, Ann Arbor, 48108, MI, United States
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Crystals are known for their beauty and energy, with properties that support,
protect, guide and empower us. Crystal grids are purposeful arrangements of
select crystals and other elements designed to bring power to your intentions and
intensify your manifesting. Come demystify the magic of crystals and crystal
grids, and design a grid to power up your intentions!

Topics include:

  • Properties & uses of crystals
  • Crystal grids - types & purpose
  • Designing your crystal grid
  • Placement & assembling your grid
  • Activating your crystal grid
  • Completion and cleansing
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