Pendulums: Dowsing & Divination

Event date Aug 24 '22 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Event location Enlightened Soul Center & Shop • 2711 Carpenter Rd, Ann Arbor, 48108, MI, United States
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Pendulums have been in use for thousands of years! They have been used for a variety of purposes and they can take many forms. Come learn about the many styles and forms of pendulums, as well as their uses. From assessing energy, to finding lost objects, and obtaining guidance from spirit, we will explore and practice all things Pendulum! Feel free to bring your own, or purchase one of the many that will be  available on-site.

Class topics include:

  • Types & uses of pendulums
  • Selecting a pendulum
  • Pendulum boards and their uses
  • Calibrating and maintaining pendulums
  • Assessing energy
  • Dowsing
  • Divination & getting messages and guidance
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