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What is stopping you from letting more money and abundance into your life?

In this 24-day program, we will dive deep into your different beliefs around money. We’ll address over 720 money beliefs!

Bonus: call Starts September 7th.

How many money programs have you attended?

Have they promised you more money? Did you actually get more money from them?

Unless you get rid of some of your deeply rooted limiting money beliefs, not a lot will shift drastically for you. This program is different. We will be unlocking and uncovering what's stopping you from asking, allowing, believing, receiving, and maintaining more money. Detaching you from what is not working, and allowing what can work for you authentically. Your OWN vision of abundance on your own terms. Not what your family, society, culture, partner, friends, etc. think you should strive for. What topics do you address? A whole lot :) Each day focuses on a dedicated topic and has on average 30 energy clearings, giving you a total of 720 profound money belief clearings during this program.

Some of the topics we will address: Foundational Money Energy, Disguised Memory Implants, Breaking the Money Mold, No results, Moving Money Targets, Invoked Money Challenge, Backdoor Money Drain, Money Exclusion, Money Exchange Systems, Phantom Money Problems, Money Mistakes, Money Overrides, Money Fast track, Magnetized Money Beliefs, Glass Ceiling, Split Money Focus, Algorithm Interrupt, Code Breaker, Money Assumptions, Cell receptor, Secret Money Agendas, Money Breakthrough.

Your supportive money tribe You will be part of a community of people that are taking this journey with you. This way we can bring up way more money beliefs and see a fast impact for all participants. You can support each other along your journey and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders when you share your money wins.

Once registered you will receive an invite to this private Facebook group where you will receive the call-in details, recordings, and daily questions.

Practical info Starting September 12th- ending October 13th. 2022 Monday - Friday Live calls at 8 am and 1:30 pm EST (14:00 and 19:30 Central-European Time) on Zoom. Link is provided after sign-up.

Bonus Live Call: September 7th, at 1:30 pm EST, for those who register by September 5th, 2022 Are the calls recorded?

Yes. At the end of the day, the 2 recordings are made available in the private Facebook group allowing you to listen to them at any moment that is convenient for you. The recordings are yours to keep, so you can return to them in a few months if you wish so.

I’m already doing well financially, is this still interesting for me?

Whether you are making 10.000 a year or 1.000.000 a year, we all hold limiting money beliefs at every level we are. For example, you might be scared to lose friends or jeopardize your safety if you start earning way more. You might hold the belief that money ruins families or that rich people have spoiled brats? As a result, you’ll sabotage the growth of your company. Will I have to speak publically? No. You decide whether or not you want to bring up one of your beliefs. You can be silent the whole program if that is the most comfortable for you. Know that this is a very supportive and respectful community and that you will be in a safe space.

What if my English isn’t that great? That isn’t a very big deal. The clearings will work independently of your ability to understand all the nuances of what is being said. If you feel more comfortable bringing up a question in written form, you can always put it in the chat.

Investment $600

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