Intuitive Healing Circle

This is for the novice to advanced intuitive who wishes to practice how to use their intuitive abilities for healing. There will be groups of two or three people who work on one person at a time. Groups are guided by Visionary Energy Healer Amy Feger. Each person in the group will apply whatever they are most drawn to do. This is an exercise of going with the flow and allowing the group members' collective experiences to merge.


Intuitive Healing Circles allow one to expand in their practices and enhance their skills. This is a time to explore and learn from your own inner knowing.


In addition, by working together to help someone heal, it brings about new healing methods from the collective experience. This is what happens when more than one person works together in a healing circle. Each group brings their experiences to the table. This allows the intuitive healer to step out of their set ways and explore their intuitive healing practice more deeply by also learning from others.


Space limited to 12 people. Advance registration is required to reserve your spot in the circle.

Strict mask policy observed. Disposable masks available for $1 for those who need one.

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